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Friday, July 27, 2012

Muscatine County District Court 7/27/2012

Today in Muscatine County District Court:

VERONICA SOLIS, DOB: 8/26/1981, of 1018 Kammerer Court, Muscatine pled guilty to Conspiracy to Commit a Nonforcible Felony, a class "D" felony. Investigation by the Muscatine County Drug Task Force showed that she had participating in the distribution of methamphetamine in the Muscatine area.

AARON SINDT, DOB: 11/17/1992, of 3882 W. 3rd St., Montpelier, pled guilty to Theft in the Second Degree, a class "D" felony. Investigation by the Muscatine County Sheriff's Office showed that the defendant participated in the theft of items from a vehicle which had broken down mechanically.

ADAM BASSETT, DOB: 8/2/1986, of 901 E. 9th Street., Muscatine, was sentenced for two counts of Child Endangerment Resulting in Bodily Injury. The court granted the defendant a deferred judgment and placed him on supervised probation. The case had been investigated by the Muscatine Police Department.